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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Hilarious Spoof Video New Apple MacBook Pro

The latest MacBook Pro Apple is a masterpiece of engineering, but still having their limitations. These limitations have been highlighted in the video that we show below.

The new MacBook Pro 2016 have much to boast about . They are by far the best portable design that your money can buy, and is the first Apple computer to feature the spectacular Touch Bar and functionality Touch ID . In addition, they have built Skylake Intel processors with more than 1TB.

But the MacBook Pro are also incredibly expensive ... Prices range between € 1,699 and € 3,199 depending on the model (13 ", 15", 2'6GHz, 2'7GHz, Touch Bar ...).

For that amount of money you expect a laptop capable of doing everything. However, just as you'll see in this funny video, unfortunately the MacBook Pro Apple has many things to improve ...

MacBook Pro parody

The video is clearly based on the commercial spot of Google Pixel, changing the new smartphone from Google for the Apple MacBook Pro, and ironically changing the word "new" (new) for "pro".

Here you have the original spot pixel Google:

With the Apple MacBook Pro you need an adapter for almost everything, does not support SD cards or magnetic charger without HDMI, not a good quality camera FaceTime ... But hey! humorously things must be taken, and we must recognize that the video has a lot of ingenuity and creativity.

Google can not escape Pixel

And finally ... so do not go with bad taste ... we wanted to add another parody more, and is that Google Pixel not saved (with winks to flammable batteries Samsung). There it goes!

Very good it from "plastic garbage" Ehhh ...? 😉

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