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Saturday, 19 November 2016

How Do iPhone Thieves Unlock?

Today stealing an iPhone is like stealing a stone. Thanks to the functionality "Search for my iPhone" and Touch ID technology, it is practically useless to steal the Apple terminal.

Still, it's still happening. And experts more advanced users or hackers are able to unlock the iPhone. But how do they get?

This article will tell you what methods used and how you can protect your iPhone so that no one can use it in case of theft or loss.

The most common passwords

In 2013, an app that simulated the iPhone lock screen crashed into the App Store, and although it was finally removed from the app store, it revealed the passwords used by most users:

It is very funny how, even today, users still use unsafe passwords like "1111" or "1234". We have to make society aware of the fact that we keep private data such as private photos or credit cards on the iPhone.

The first thing a thief will try after stealing an iPhone is to try out some of these passwords. Therefore, we recommend using a customized alphanumeric code Settings> Touch ID and code such as "zh4rj81" and, of course, activate the Touch ID.


You can also use Siri to bypass the process of unlocking the iPhone on iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s if the Touch ID is disabled.

You can use Siri to get information about Widgets, Notifications and HomeKit accessories.

In addition, a thief could ask Siri to send a message to a contact, take a look at notes, or make a call.

To protect against this intrusion of privacy you can go to Settings> Touch ID and code and disable options "Allowing access while locked".

In addition, a thief could also unlock the iPhone through iTunes by completely formatting the device. Although this, fortunately, would remove all data from the device.

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