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Sunday, 20 November 2016

How to add Siri results to the Mac notification center

Siri for Mac is a compendium of commands to perform various tasks, but few know that can also be used to locate a search result Siri in the panel notification center Mac.

For example, if you ask Siri about the weather, you can fix the result, and this will be updated on the fly, in the center panel of Mac OS notifications. In short, you can do many things with the virtual assistant by voice, so we will teach you a simple trick that will make the user experience more enjoyable on your Mac.

To set the Siri results, you'll need a modern version of the Mac OS system software.

How to Set Siri Results as Widgets in the Notification Center on Mac

  • Call Siri on the Mac as usual by clicking on the Siri icon or using the keyboard shortcut
  • Make Siri a question, such as "what is the weather in Oaxaca" and expects the result to be shown in Siri
  • When the search results for Siri are displayed, click on the small icon with the cross (+) sign in the corner of the Siri search result window to set the response in the notification center As a widget

Open the notification center on Mac to see the newly set Siri result as a widget

Siri's newly added widget will automatically update itself by providing new data, whether it's weather, sporting results, or anything else.

You can easily remove a Siri widget from the notification center at any time by opening the notification center and then clicking the (X) icon next to the title.

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