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Saturday, 19 November 2016

How to Block Webs in Safari from your iPhone and iPad

If you have children with iPhone or iPad, or frequently use your devices, you need to control the type of content that can access the web browsing in Safari.

If so, thankfully Apple makes available to its users features to limit adult content or other web pages.

In this tutorial we will explain, step by step, how to block Safari webs on iPhone and iPad through the restrictions of the Settings app.

How to block specific content

1. Open Settings.

2. Press General.

3. Enter Restrictions.

4. Activate the option and add a security code.

5. Click on web pages and limit adult content.

6. Then enter the URL of the website you want to block.

Repeat this process for each and every page you want to block on your iPhone or iPad.

How to block everything and allow access to specific webs

1. Open Settings

2. Click on General

3. Enter Restrictions.

4. Activate restrictions.

5. Enter a security code.

6. Click on web pages.

7. Click on "Add a web page" in the Always allow panel.

8. Enter the URL of the web pages you want to allow access.

And ready! Thus users using the iPhone or iPad that can only access the web pages you've allowed, and the rest will be locked until you enter the security code.

It is important to block the content of certain websites also need to add the URLs of mobile versions of these web pages. If you have any doubts you can participate in the comments section and in the social networks. We will be happy to help!

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