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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

How to capture video on your iPhone without jailbreak

Always good to have the option to capture the screen of our iPhone, if only to keep proof that something has happened. However, the resources that Apple gives us for this purpose are very limited, and in many cases we are forced to resign ourselves with an image, rather than with a video.

For a while, an app called Vidyo, solved that problem, thanks to its use AirPlay system to make a video recording of the screen. But a few weeks later, Apple decided to remove it from the App Store, as it does with any app that overcomes its limitations.

How to install Vydio without Jailbreak

Today, thanks to CydiaGeeks we bring you a small tutorial for the obtaining install this app on your phone, this time pulling more complex than a simple button press, as it was no longer officially available methods. We will use Cydia Impactor, a program which I have spoken above , to load the application on the device as if it were a development version.

First, we will download from this page the .ipa file Vidyo. Then we connect our iPhone or iPad to your computer, and start Cydia Impactor after having downloaded from its website . We drag the .ipa file to the program, which automatically start installing the app after entering our Apple ID on the device.

Some disadvantages of the installation

One thing to remember is that it is necessary to indicate that you trust the app using the available option in Settings, General, Profiles, Vidyo after installing the app. This will avoid possible problems arising from an unusual installation. Also, remember that you must repeat the installation process every seven days, due to the limitations of Cydia Impactor regarding the use of a developer account.

If everything went well, now you can record your iPhone screen without any problem, something that surely ends up being useful, if only a couple of times. In any case, it is always better to have the option to do so, just in case.

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