How to Change the Color of the Dock, Widgets and Folders in iOS 10 Without Jailbreak

Apple is famous for offering a very closed operating system with many limitations of interface design customization. Thanks to Jailbreak can change the style of some elements such as the iOS Notification Center, the Control Center, the application icons, etc.

But there are also methods that will allow you to change the design of the iOS interface without Jailbreak. And this is one of them. Today we 'll tell you how you can change color the dock, widgets and folders iOS 10 without having to install the Jailbreak and Cydia Tweaks.

A couple of months ago we informed you how to hide apps without Jailbreak . This time the process will be very similar ..

How to change the color of the dock and folders

1. Download a wallpaper from this website .

2. Then set the wallpaper on your iPhone / iPad.

3. Return to the start screen and see how everything has changed.

As you will appreciate after this tutorial the wallpaper that you downloaded on your iPhone will change color both the dock at the bottom of the screen and the folders of your applications. In addition, the "redesign" also affects iOS widgets 10 which, curiously, change its color to a darker hue.

If you are not satisfied / a with the results you can always go to the website that we have recommended you to choose one of 52 wallpapers available. That easy!

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