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Thursday, 3 November 2016

How to convert a standard account manager from a Terminal in Mac OS

Users with administrator account on a Mac, sometimes found in the need to convert an existing normal user in an administrator account. While most Mac users opt for a conversion statement through the preferences panel "users and groups", advanced users can perform the same function through the Terminal, using the Directory Service command utility line (dscl).

Note that this change will have no impact on the ability of any user account, either with capabilities administrator or standard to access the function of sudo, or use the root account, which are completely independent from one account administrator in Mac OS X.
Changing an account administrator to a standard user via command line in Mac OS X

For this tutorial you'll need the short name of the standard account user to switch to an administrator account, the rest is handled from Terminal. If you are unsure of the short name of the user to the destination account, you can take a look at the / Users / (/ Users /) directory.

When you have the username, open Terminal and use the following command to change the account administrator:

  dscl.  -append / groups / admin GroupMembership USERNAME 

For example, a short user name "jose" syntax is:

  dscl.  -append / groups / admin GroupMembership jose 

When you run the appropriate command, the specific user account will now have administrator privileges and access all the capabilities that provides such accounts.

Confirm the change and see a list of all administrator accounts on Mac OS X

You can confirm whether the user account has become administrator by using the syntax -read through dscl:

  dscl.  -read / groups / admin GroupMembership 

This should deliver something new like:

"Iphoneate jose adminaccount" or something similar, according to accounts belonging to the management group.

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