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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

How to Create the Best Collages on your iPhone or iPad

One of the most important things we usually do with our devices is to edit images. We spend a lot of time fixing our photos or doing some special for our cousin's birthday that we have not seen for five years.

If you want to keep doing these collections of pictures of friends, family or whatever comes to you ... -censurado-, here we leave the best apps for collages on your iPhone or iPad. Here you will find free applications as well as payment, and even indecisive -freemium-, so we assure you variety.

Although this application started as an aid for users of Instagram - you know, to enter the picture completely, it has evolved into a tool of a little more complex than it was at the beginning editing. With this application you can make collages of different shapes and with different amounts of photos.

You can also edit the brightness or place a filter to the photo, but nothing that Instagram no longer offers more fully.


This is one of those indecisive applications that neither is paid, nor is it free. With MOLDIV we can find many options to edit our images, but the one we will highlight in this article will be the possibility of creating collages. It is the most offered in terms of possibilities, because we can combine up to sixteen photos in a single frame with forms that, from here, we will define as "rare".


If you want the most complete application in this area, this is the one for you. Diptic is one of the applications with a fuller development and greater number of options that we find in the App Store, can carry out interface User very easy to handle but at the same time very complete. It can be used on our iPad or iPhone, but requires iOS 9.0 or higher.

It should be clarified that the application is payment, but it is an exorbitant price. It has a cost of 0.99 euros and has a reputation of 4.5 stars in the App Store. From time to time the developer puts the application free, so if you want but can not pay the price, watch out.

Shape Collage

As its name implies, this application has been developed to create collages with countless different ways, among which we find Minions- to name a few - or hearts. Yes, its price is 1.99 euros. It is compatible with iOS 6.0 or higher.

Fuzel Collage

Although Fuzel Collage is the last application on the list, that does not make it less interesting. In fact, it is one of the few that introduces something new to our repertoire of features: animated collages. Yes, with this application you can make collages with a life of their own. The bad news is that they will be saved as videos and not as GIF images, but the good news is that the application is completely free.

That is all for today. You know that if you want to make a collage for a special occasion with these apps that we have recommended you can create works of art which yes, we exaggerate, but there shots - go.

What do you think of the applications? Leave your answer in the comments!

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