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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

How to create a contact group on iPhone with iCloud

iCloud is quite underused apart from managing the backup function, photos or Search your iPhone. So today we will try to change that teaching a simple and useful feature to create and manage a group of contact with her.

As you know, because it is the classic and traditional method, if we want to send an email to a group of people, usually we go to Mail and "To" We will be adding one to one emails followed by a comma. Somewhat tedious, right? From now on everything it will be much easier and faster with iCloud.

1) The first thing is make sure our contacts are safeguarded in our iCloud. We are going to Settings> Mail and check that the option of iCloud Contacts Mail is active.

2) Go to from any device and enter your iCloud ID and respective password.

3) Click on Contacts and then +. Give New Group. It's time to put a name to the group and adding contacts. This process can do so much faster simply by dragging.

4) So you have your team ready. Close and go to the contacts section of your iPhone, where you will see that indeed, your new group is already there.

5) Sending an email to the group: If now you want for example to send an email to the whole group, just go to Mail and in the recipient writes the group name. If for whatever reason you want someone in the group does not receive the mail, you can remove your address manually in that particular email.

6) Sending a message to the group: But is that the group of iCloud also used for other apps such as iMessage. If you want to send messages to the group, open the app and iMessage + select the group. With the email, you can also remove contacts from the group who do not want to receive the message. Remember that messages in blue are free and those that appear with green background will be tariffed as an SMS.

How do you manage emails to contacts? If you have been helpful, please share this post on your social networks

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