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Thursday, 17 November 2016

How to Customize the App Switcher with the iOS 9 Jailbreak

We all know that Apple sets certain limits in terms of customizing various elements of the user interface of the mobile operating system iPhone and iPad. Perhaps to maintain stability, or to fix its elegance, whatever, thanks to the Jailbreak we can skip this limitation and customize iOS at our whim.

This time we will focus on a Cydia tweak called RoundedSwitchr. This tweak is able to customize the style of the edges of the App Switcher, or what is the same, multitasking application switching.

The RoundedSwitchr tweak adds a preference pane in the Settings app of iOS. From here you can control some aspects of customization of the App Switcher.

Basically, what RoundedSwitchr does is round the edges of the App Switcher contributing to the windows of the most modern style applications. In the configuration of the tweak we can establish the radius of the rounded. By default it is set to 10.0, and the maximum limit is 100.0.

You can also note that in this panel internal system settings of this tool , you can enable or disable the tweak when you want to configure the card and the Home Screen for swiping your finger across it triggers a reboot.

Once you have applied the necessary adjustments to the RoundedSwitchr tweak you will be able to restart your device for them to take effect.

This style for the App Switcher not be to everyone's taste, to me personally I found a very interesting change, but I fully understand users who prefer style square windows current exchange multitasking iOS applications.

Obviously, to install the tweak you will need to have the iOS 9 Jailbreak installed on your iPhone, iPad and / or iPod Touch. RoundedSwitchr is available on the BigBoss repository source or free.

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