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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

How to Customize the iOS 9 Control Center with Jailbreak

Although in iOS 10, the Control Center has been renovated with new panels for Music and HomeKit ... it is far from perfect . In both iOS 9 and iOS 10 (and earlier versions) the Control Center does not allow you to customize the options.

Have you ever wanted to include a button to activate the mobile data from the Control Center? Or maybe a button for the location? Read on and discover how to customize the Control Center.

Before continuing, it is noteworthy to mention that it is possible that this tutorial also serves for iOS 8 and earlier versions of the Apple mobile operating system. But obviously, not iOS 10 since its Jailbreak is not yet available.

Steps to follow to customize the Control Center

1. Jailbreak

To customize the iOS 9 Control Center you will need to install the Jailbreak on your iPhone or iPad. You can download the Pangu tool for this from this installation tutorial.

2. Cydia

If you already have the Jailbreak installed, then open Cydia and look for the "CCSettings" tweak in the BigBoss source or repository.

3. Customization

Once you have installed the Cydia CCSettings tweak open the Settings application and you will notice that a new preferences panel has been added. From here, you can change the number of buttons in the Control Center, add the mobile data, the location, a Home button and much more.

For example, the tweak also allows users of iPhone and iPad automatically hide the Control Center iOS 9 when pressed on one of its buttons.

The truth is that this is a fabulous tool when it comes to customizing the options and elements of the Control Center. A pity that Apple does not implement this configuration on your system and that we have to resort to Jailbreak to do so, but hey.

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