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Thursday, 10 November 2016

How to Customize Your App Signature Mail on Ipad and Iphone

Surely you've ever noticed that every time you send an email from the native app manager email Mail or Mail, at the bottom of the message "Sent from my iPhone" or "Sent from my iPad" depending on the respective appears Device from which you have written it. We will teach you how to change the signature of your email basic shape and some other options that will make your company look very professional.

Changing the Email signature

Go to Settings> Mail and slide to the bottom, where you will find the possibility of modifying the text in your signature of all email accounts you have made to your device, globally or one to one. Thus, only we remove the annoying "Sent from my iPhone" by a personalized message, such as "Greetings, Eve."

Add a handwritten signature

But firms may be something much more cool and customizable, for example How would you like to add your own handwritten signature To do this you will require to install an app to scan, for example free - although it has paid version - Evernote Scannable that Is very intuitive and works quite well.

Grab a blank paper and scribble your signature. Now you just have to open the app and scan your signature and crop it. Once done, the app itself allows you to send an email with the signature as an attachment.

Open the email received, click on the signature continuously until you see the classic menu that allows you to select everything, copy, etc. And just go back to the section Settings> Mail where the signature option was and paste.

Add a signature with your name, title, photo ...

What do you want even more pro? With this option you sure make a good impression among your customers. Go to the web and in less than five minutes creates a firm with absolutely everything: name, title, contact details, photo, social networks ...

When you have done it you will only have to generate your signature on that web - it will be done in the form of a long HTML link -, copy it and send it to your own email. Once received, copy it again and go to the section Settings> Mail> Signature and paste the link.

Now try to send a test email and hallucinate with the result.

Adding hyperlinks to your signature

Okay, maybe the previous option did you think too much and you just conformarías you with a couple of links in the signature, such as your social networks or your personal website.

To do this , go to the desktop version of your email - for example go to google and access Gmail -. Within the settings of mail, search preferences signature. From there you can copy and paste the links you want to include and edit the text that will take you to them.

Now send us an email to receive the signature with the hyperlinks on your iPhone or iPad. Once, as I always received: copy it and go to Settings> Mail> Signature, which simply have to paste.

With all these ways to change your signature, you no longer have excuses to continue leaving the "Sent from your iPhone" never again.

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