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Friday, 4 November 2016

How to Disable Voice Calls iOS 10

You have asked us, and finally we bring the solution.

With the arrival of iOS 10 many readers of our blog have been surprised to see in the iPhone calls a voice keeps repeating the name (or phone number) of the contact that sent the call.

But this new feature is entirely optional, ie can enable and disable it as you wish from the Settings app of iOS 10 .

How to turn off voice calls

The new configuration option for calls can be found in the "Telephone" section of the Settings app.

You can choose if you want all calls are always announced, never, or do so in the car or with headphones.

We are facing another kind of news that has not been welcomed by all users, remember that there have been many criticisms that have been the company's bitten apple after removing functionality "Slide to Unlock" forcing users to press the button Home default, although this feature also can be disabled thanks to Touch ID.

We hope that this simple tutorial you has been helpful and we encourage you to participate in the Comments

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