How to display two petañas while in Safari for iPad

Among the improvements that Apple has included in its new iOS 10 OS, there is a very peculiar affecting iPad users. It is specific is the chance to see two tabs at the same time in the Safari browser. To do this, you just need to carefully follow this article. Let's start!

The improvement has been incorporated by the split view and slide on Multitasking is necessary to make a few adjustments before. First you must select the "Settings" application and then enable the "Multitasking" option.
How to see two tabs at the same time Safari on your iPad

The split view is available only on iPad Pro, iPad 4 and iPad Mini Air 2 once said that, it is necessary to proceed to the next steps. There are two methods to do the task; one of them is explained below:

  1.     Safari opens your iPad in landscape mode
  2.     Press the button "New Tab" until the option "Open in Split View" appears
  3.     Now two separate browser instances are opened, best of all is that each contains its own tabs.
  4.     Loads a web page in each browser and presto! 

This method can also be used via an external keyboard; for them you just have to press Command + N button. This method is quite practical and does not require many steps.
See two tabs of Safari dragging on the screen of your iPad

Finally, you can also do so by tabs dragged back and forth on the screen. This method is the simplest of all and step by step shown below:
  1.     Open the Safari browser with your iPad in landscape mode
  2.     Press the button "New Tab"
  3.     Swipe the newly opened tab until one end of the screen
  4.     Now you can watch the content while you have another open tab in the browser. 

As you can realize all procedures are extremely easy, in fact, only require that you are using any of the aforementioned iPad. Remember to enable the option in "Settings". Stay tuned to next tutorials.
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