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Sunday, 27 November 2016

How to enable high quality music playback on iPhone

If you like to listen to streaming music in the highest quality audio and Apple iTunes Music Radio from the Music app, you have the option to enable "high quality" from the panel of Music in iOS settings. Therefore, we will teach you a brief tutorial that will serve you to listen to your favorite music in high quality mode.

While this improves the sound quality and bitrate of the songs you hear through mobile connections, the obvious disadvantage is that more data on your mobile plan is used, so this is a feature that perhaps users is limited IPhone with unlimited data plans.

This works to listen to music of the highest quality possible from Apple Music, iTunes Radio, iTunes Match and songs from an iCloud iTunes library.

How to enable high quality music playback on iPhone

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone and go to "Music"
  • Scroll down to "Mobile Data" and move the "High Quality" switch to the "On" position. You may need to enable "Mobile Data Usage".
  • Return to the music application and put a station or song as usual. Now the audio will play in the highest quality. Keep in mind that in modern versions of iOS the feature is labeled as "High Quality Streaming" and in older versions it appears as "High Quality on Mobile Phones".

Only enable this feature if you have a good mobile data plan. This will absolutely use more data from your mobile plan and it will depend on how long you keep listening to music in high quality.

Apart from the increased consumption of mobile data, the quality is noticeably better.

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