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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

How to exclude vehicles from the public transport system route in Maps

The map application Apple is still expanding public transport information worldwide with more locations being added incrementally, which gives better information when transporting us through public transportation.

Apple has promoted the service for its clean integration into "Maps" and a complete integration of the local schedules of train, tram or ferry, that for the majority of the users has surpassed its level of expectations. It also allows fast routing on your iPhone by means of such means of public transport. Still, you have the possibility to limit the options of public transport to avoid certain vehicles that are on the route.

We'll teach you a little trick that can help you get ahead in many situations, such as avoiding peak traffic on the streets through omission of the bus route. Excluding the specific lines of the route is a convenient way to avoid any known blocking before relying on the Apple app to reach destination if setbacks. The function is somewhat hidden in maps, so here we will guide you how to configure it:

  • Open the map app and locate your destination by either typing the address or holding a map location with your fingers.

Once the location is locked, click on the blue rectangular button to ask the Apple Maps app for the routing options.

Tap the public transport icon on the bottom bar and the maps app will suggest one or more routes. According to the app, it will show you the fastest public transport options available at this time.

In case you are not satisfied with the routes provided by the app, expand the public transport card by sliding up the small gray rectangle in the center of the panel to see other suggestions and a link at the bottom of the list Transportation options.

Click on transport options and a list of public transport that is available in your location will be displayed. Now you can determine precisely what transport you take and what not.

To obtain routing information for a particular type of transport, deselect the others.

Now the Maps app will take into account the new information in account and will show you the route according to your preferences. So if you chose only the bus with transportation, the app will only show you the route of the bus. If the updated version is to your liking, simply click go and you are ready to travel.

And that's it, you do not have to complicate your life with so many public transport systems.

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