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Monday, 14 November 2016

How to have iOS 10 emojis prediction in iOS 9

There are methods for writing faster on iOS. With some default features that Apple has implemented, it makes texting more fluid thus save time.

For example, we now have word suggestions. As you type, an extra bar is displayed at the top of your keyboard. Learn from your writing and context of the sentence, and suggests three words you can write next.

Prediction of emojis

With the new features for iOS Posts 10 there are two ways to replace words by emoji. You can do it manually, but also allow the keyboard to suggest them on the fly.

To insert emoji characters in texts for yourself, follow these steps:

1) Open Messages app.

2) Click on the conversation you want or start a new conversation.

3) Write a message as you normally would, but do not press the arrow Shipping yet.

4) Click the globe icon to open your list of installed keyboards, and choose "Emoji" option.

5) Touch any word that is highlighted in orange and directly be transformed into an emoji. If there are no highlighted words, the system has not found any options.

6) Click the arrow Shipping when you're done.

Unfortunately, many of us are still using iOS 9 specifically jailbroken iOS 9. If that is the case, there is a new jailbreak setting that can help you get this Emoji prediction feature in the firmware prior to iOS 10


EmojiSuggest can now add emojis to the iOS 9 prediction bar (as in iOS 10). You can not just do that, but this tweak can also predict "almost 700 words with basic support for plural".

How to install it:

1) Start Cydia and recharge your sources.

2) Go to report BigBoss.

3) Install EmojiSuggest.

4) Go to Settings and Enable it .

5) Now you can start using the tweak.

To find out if it works or not open iMessage and writes a text. If the prediction bar displays words and emoji, it means that the installation is completed successfully.

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