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Sunday, 13 November 2016

How to Hide Your Phone Number on a Call with iPhone

In iPadizate accustomed to make posts on everything related to your iPhone and your iPad so you can squeeze your devices to the maximum. And the truth is that we can proudly say yes, our readers know how to manage their gadgets, but sometimes we all pass on the most basic things, the tricks that have been in existence for years but fall into the drawer of forgetfulness and refresh. One of these basic tips is to make a call with hidden number from our iPhone, although this trick is extensible to any other mobile phone.

Call with hidden number from iPhone

There are many reasons to make a call with a hidden number: from a joke to a call that we made emergency from the mobile of another person who kindly gave it to us. In any case, we are confident that you apply this trick for good.

To make a call hiding our phone number simply have to enter a code prior to the phone number of the recipient, that is, the person you want to communicate. The code used will be # 31 #

Call with hidden number from iPhone: # 31 # + Phone number

That is, if for example we want to call the number "123456789" that is not added in our list of contacts, we will write: # 31 # 123456789 and press "Call". Thus, the incoming call from the other person listed as unknown number.

Call with hidden number from iPhone to a Contact

But what if the number we want to call is in our Contacts? In this case we have two options: if we know the number will follow the above process as is entering its number, but if on the other hand not memorized the phone number have to edit the contact and phone number to add the # 31 #, that saving will be recorded in this way. That is, unless we change it again, we will always call it with a hidden number.

We hope this advice has been useful to you. If you liked it, please share it on your social networks!

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