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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

How to increase the battery life of your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is without doubt one of the best smartwatches the market. But like all wearables, its small dimensions limit its autonomy.

Meanwhile, the smarwatch Pebble Time is able to offer a range of five days after a full battery charge. While the battery life of Apple Watch only reaches two days.

Obviously the battery life of the Apple Watch will depend on the use you give the wearable. And here it is where we come in , because this article will tell you how to improve the battery life of the smartwatch company bite the apple.

How to improve the autonomy of Apple Watch

If you want the battery of your Apple Watch or your Apple Watch Series 2 to last as long as possible, we recommend some very useful tips.

Night use

It is highly recommended shutting down the Apple Watch at night. No, you will not be able to activate the alarm to wake up in the morning, nor monitor your sleep, but you will avoid the inconvenient notifications and you will have 30% more battery when you wake up. In addition, you can always use your smartphone to set the alarm ...


There are some accessibility adjustments that will help you increase the battery life of your Apple Watch considerably. In the Watch app for iPhone you can disable the motion to limit animations watchOS user interface, which will provide up to an additional 30 minutes of battery.

Additional Settings

If these tips are not enough, you can still be more drastic. First you can choose to activate the "Do Not Disturb" mode when you're working or eating. You can also activate the "Grayscale" mode when you stay a 10% battery and turn off notifications. You can even reduce the brightness of the wearable display when you are not on the street.

How long does your Apple Watch battery last? Do you usually charge your wearable battery once a day?

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