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Saturday, 19 November 2016

How to increase the speed of a rooted Android

We have talked to you multiple times about the advantages of rooting your phone. If you have already made this wise decision, we will bring you a tutorial with some very useful tips. With them you will learn how to increase the speed of Android rooted. First of all, I'm going to leave you a couple of articles that are probably useful:


Rooting basically helps us unleash the power of our mobile phone. Thanks to this process we can access different options. What we will do now is to introduce a number of applications that will help us increase the speed of Android easily.


Greenify is one of my favorite applications for a number of reasons. For starters, it allows us to save a lot of battery because with it we can hibernate applications in the background. These slow down our computer and make it all end up going really slow.


Rom Manager already has more than 10 million downloads. Which, as a cover letter, speaks quite well of the application. The main task of this program is to compile the best ROMs and teach them in a list. We can also download those we like through the same application. This will save a lot of time, since it also installs them.


Titanium Backup contains multiple options, among which are:

  • Back up and restore applications.
  • Schedule tasks and filters.
  • Add your Dropbox account   So that the copy is made there.
  • enable encryption of your backups to protect
  • Schedule a backup of your applications and data periodically.


Smart Memory Booster is a free application that is mainly responsible for optimizing the use of the RAM of your Android device. With this application we will be releasing RAM using different options that we can configure. Among its characteristics are:

  • Optimize the use of RAM
  • Perform a cleanup of the applications that we do not use.
  • Free RAM.
  • Control the application cache.
And I hope you have served this article. Remember that we love to read your comments, so do not hesitate to leave your opinion in the box below.

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