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Saturday, 19 November 2016

How to know the IMEI of your iPhone

The IMEI code is the ID of your smartphone, ie, a unique number that identifies your terminal worldwide. Each time we use our iPhone this code is transmitted to the network so that the telecommunications companies know in detail which device has made the call and from which SIM card. As you may have guessed, it is essential to know the IMEI of your phone to identify our terminal on numerous occasions , especially to release an iPhone or block our terminal in case of theft or loss.

It is very common to buy an iPhone through a contract with an operator that limits the use of the terminal solely to your network. This type of acquisitions are usually linked to contracts of a year and a half or two years of permanence in which the iPhone is financed and paid in installments by the customer. When the contract period ends most users want to free their iPhone to be able to use it with other companies' SIMs.

By law, once it has completed the period of stay, operators are required to facilitate the release of your iPhone, although most charge for making such management. Another option is to search the internet and release it yourself. In any case, to unlock your iPhone you need to know your IMEI.

The IMEI number can be located at several sites, the first of all and most likely is on a sticker on the box of our iPhone. However, if your terminal already has a time it is quite likely that you have already disposed of its packaging. Another place where we can find the IMEI is printed inside the phone itself, behind his drums. In the case of iPhone, since its battery is not extrudable, this option is discarded. Also, when you connect your iPhone to the computer and open iTunes you can find it on the main screen. However we want to show you how to know the IMEI of your iPhone immediately through a numerical code introduced on the screen.

For the IMEI of your iPhone, go to the phone interface and keyboard type * # 06 # and press call.

It is advisable to have this number written down and stored safely in case you have to proceed to block your iPhone for loss or theft.

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