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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

How to leverage file management on iPhone and iPad with Jailbreak

The vast majority of iOS users install the Jailbreak on your iPhone and / or your iPad in order to benefit from the advantages provided by Tweaks Cydia .

However, the Jailbreak is much more than just a few tweaks and tools to empower and customize Apple's mobile operating system. His real functionality resides in access to file management.

There are currently two main tools for managing files Jailbreak iPhone and iPad: iFile and Filza File Manager. This article will tell you how to maximize both file managers.

1. Install tweaks manually

If you do not find a Cydia tweak in a source or repository you can choose to install it manually through a file manager.

1. Open your favorite file manager.

2. Explore your system until you find your file. They are usually downloaded to / User / Documents.

3. The tweak is being saved as a file in .deb format.

4. Select the file.

5. Click the "Install" button in the upper right corner.

2. Block Ads

While there are many applications for blocking advertisements on iPhone and iPad, there is much more effective for this option, as you dictate below:

1. Open your file manager Cydia.

2. Navigate to / Applications.

3. Locate the "" element.

4. Select the "Rename" option.

5. Edit your name , removing the extension ".app" and replacing it with ".bak" resulting in "AdSheed.bak".

6. Press the "Done" button.

7. Access / User / Library / Caches.

8. Delete the folder named "".

Thus you will disable completely the Apple iAd platform on your iPhone or on your iPad and never see the uncomfortable ads applications from the App Store.

We hope that this basic Jailbreak guide and its file managers have served you well. If you have any doubt you can share it with us in the comments.

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