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Thursday, 17 November 2016

How to make calls over WiFi from your iPhone

We are near the end of 2016, and yes, there are still areas that do not have mobile coverage. Do not ask why, but still has not reached 100% coverage with all Spanish mobile operators, which is likely, that at some point where we need to make a call, we meet in a great hurry.

Or simply want to be able to not see us tied to our iPhone to make and answer call, something completely normal, I guess you will not carry the mobile phone throughout your home. It's a thousand times more comfortable to be able to start the call from our Mac, iPad, or Apple Watch, than having to go looking for the phone.

Wi-Fi calls, how can we activate them?

The service "Wi-Fi Calling" is only available with Orange in Spain. Orange operator, was seen in the need to resort to other alternatives to supply the deficiency of its network, the same who want to use with Yoigo , which for some time, allow the use of this innovative system.

To activate properly, we must go to Settings; there, select the Phone section, where we will find the option for Wi-Fi calls. We activate the option, and, when necessary, the phone will make the calls through the Wi-Fi network. In addition, we can control if we want other devices, also use the service from the same menu.

A necessary improvement

This service gives us the ability to make calls using the Wi-Fi network of our home (or anywhere else), if little coverage without sacrificing audio quality to which we are accustomed, such as we indicated from Apple . The question now is, why do not the other companies activate it?

In the United States, we find several operators offering this possibility, including Google OMV, Project Fi. However, in other countries like ours, has not taken off technology. So good is our network, that we do not need the service at all? Personally, I do not think so.

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