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Saturday, 26 November 2016

How to Protect Your iPad from Any Fault, Damage and Burglary

The iPad. What a wonderful invention! The Apple tablet allows us, every day, to perform all kinds of work in our daily lives. From working on work projects to seeing our favorite series, through document management or web browsing.

Because of its usefulness and its maximizing our productivity we iPad anywhere: work, home , family, beach, pool and any business trip or vacation.

Therefore, it is relatively easy for the iPad suffer any damage, loss, theft, or damage. In addition, despite being one of the best tablets on the market Apple iPad and its operating system can lead to problems of connectivity and / or operation.

From CP will propose a series of tips to reestablish the connection your iPad , some tips that will help you much help. Especially in the case of iOS 10 given that is the version, to date, with more connectivity problems.

As mentioned earlier, it is also possible that the tablet will fall to the ground causing serious damage to your hardware. For this reason we recommend the insurance Wert iPad Garantie covering additionally device loss and theft.

This insurance will protect your iPad from the most common technical faults. It is provided by, one of the most reliable companies of the sector that is specialized in covers for smartphones and tablets.

The Wert Garantie insurance policy covers damage from drops, liquids, LCD damage, iOS errors, Dock connector problems, anti-theft security and more.

Moreover, you can also opt for Apple's warranty, which covers technical failures of iOS and offers excellent support repairs. But the manufacturer does not usually take responsibility for other more serious failures and this guarantee only lasts two years.

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