How to quickly open another Safari tab on an iPhone

The latest versions of Safari for the iPhone include faster to open a new browser tab without having to enter the tab view window method. This is a very useful feature, but you may not all know that this feature is found in the most recent versions of Safari for iPhone. Why, then we 'll show you the quickest way to open a new tab in Safari for iOS.

This is a brief tutorial, so you will not have problems completing each step. It should be noted that this tutorial uses the latest version of Safari on an iPhone.

How to instantly open a new Safari tab on an iPhone

  • Open the Safari browser on your iPhone
  • Tap and hold the "overlapping squares" button on the Safari navigation bar

Finally, click on "New tab" to quickly open a new navigation tab

As you will see, it is a simple and effective trick, so you will not have major problems when implementing it on your iPhone.

This feature is intended primarily for use on an iPhone and iPod touch and not on an iPad, since the iPad version of Safari in iOS has the new tab button "+" located in the navigation bar.

You can open as many new tabs as you want in the latest versions of Safari for iOS, as you can quickly get a large number of open tabs in a simple way.

Did you like the tutorial? Do you know another way to open tabs quickly in Safari for iPhone ?, please let us know in the comments section.
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