How to quickly redial the last phone number called on the iPhone

Much of iPhone users know that the phone application keeps track of your outgoing and incoming calls, and while you can use the list of "recent" in the Phone application to dial a recently called, there is another form of Dial the last number you have called.

With the trick we will show you below, you can redial the digits of the last number called on iPhone, but the call will not really start. This allows you to view the last number that has been called and also allows the user to make changes to the same if necessary.

This trick is quick and easy to apply, so you should follow these simple steps on your iPhone:

  • Open the phone application and go to the "Keyboard" tab
  • Press the green call button

The last number dialed will appear instantly. You can make changes if necessary or simply press the green button again to dial the number.

This is very useful because the last number is automatically displayed on the numeric keypad, but not dialed. This allows you to see the digits of the last number called, make corrections if necessary. Another advantage of this trick is that even works to reveal the number you have deleted call history on iPhone.

As you will see, it is a very useful trick and more "malleable", since if you call a number from the recent tab, you can not apply changes to it, other than that the call will start immediately without seeing the dialed number until it starts to dream.

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