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Sunday, 6 November 2016

How To Read Any Text With Siri on iPhone and iPad

Siri, the virtual assistant Apple has the ability to read any text that appears on the screen of the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Thus, users of iOS have the ability to lay back and relax while Siri sight read news articles, recipes, tutorials, lyrics, chat conversations and some others. The possibilities are endless!

And also you can perform other tasks while Siri reads for you. Is not it great?

Best of all is that this feature will allow you to control the speed of Siri speech as well as pause and replay certain sections.

Activating the reading of texts of Siri on iPhone and iPad

To enable this feature Siri need to follow a few simple steps that you list it below:

1. Open the Settings application.

2. Go to the General section.

3. Make tap on Accessibility section.

4. Then go to "Read".

5. In this section activates the "Read screen" option.

Additionally, you can also activate the "Read selection". Thus Siri only read texts that have previously selected.

From now on , if you followed the simple steps of this tutorial, you can activate Siri and ask "reads the screen" for you to read the entire text of any web, application, etc.

As you see in the image that we have attached, while Siri is reading the text a control panel from which you can perform all actions necessary for a more pleasant reading appears.

Remember that you can set the speed of speech Siri. By the way, we encourage you to try to slow the maximum. His way of speaking is fun "belatedly"! 😉

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