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Monday, 7 November 2016

How to recover deleted data from iCloud

We've all been ever for that moment of panic in which we discover that we deleted something unintentionally. Fortunately, there is a paper that allows us to recover. But what if the same thing happens to us in iCloud? The cloud is a concept that by its abstractez still causes us fear, but Apple has already thought about it for we can recover quickly and easily from within the web interface iCloud.

Yes, the bin iCloud keeps your content for 30 days, which is the maximum date of recovery. Attentive, we teach you how to recover deleted step iCloud data.

How to recover all our files deleted in iCloud

1) Go to the web of iCloud and access your iCloud ID and password.

2) Go to Settings.

3) At the bottom of the screen you will find the Advanced section. This is where you can restore files, contacts, calendars, reminders , and your favorite bookmarks.

4) We click Restore files. Us another screen where you will see chronologically ordered deleted by title, extension, occupied space and time we have to retrieve files will appear.

5) If you want to get one, simply check the box on the left with a green tick. At that time we can restore or permanently delete the file. Repeat this process with as many files as you want to recover or simply mark them all.

When you carry out this process, the restored files back to their original location within your account iCloud Drive.

If you look at the top of this menu we also appear above mentioned sections of contacts, calendars, bookmarks ... that can also access them recover. But beware, when recover remember you are not restoring contacts individually - for example if you've erased your mobile ex - or calendars or reminders individually. What you are doing is completely restore your contact list on all your devices.

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