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Sunday, 27 November 2016

How to Recover Mac Space by Uninstalling the Enhanced Dictation Pack

The dictation feature on Mac is very useful, especially if you chose to use enhanced dictation, where a 1.2 GB speech recognition packet is downloaded so that the overall functionality of the feature can be improved. But if at any point you decide that you will no longer use this improved dictation function, you can recover the 1.2 GB of space on your disk again.

Here's how to remove the enhanced dictation speech recognition package to recover the 1.2 GB of disk space from a Mac.

This tutorial is divided into two parts, in the first you must deactivate the improved dictation and remove the recognition package. Obviously if you do this, you lose the ability of the improved dictation unless you re-download the packet again.

How to recover space on Mac by uninstalling the improved dictation package:

  • Go to system preferences, go to the "Keyboard" section and then to the "Dictation" tab,
  • Switches the "Enhanced Dictation Use" switch to the off position by unchecking the box below.

From Finder on Mac, press Command + Shift + G and type the following path:
  / System / Library / Speech / Recognizers / SpeechRecognitionCoreLanguages ​​/ 
Choose "Go" and delete the folder "esES.SpeechRecognition"

To be clear, you can turn off the enhanced dictation feature and still continue to use the dictation feature, but it will not work offline and will not necessarily be as accurate. If you want the full experience and greater clarity of the different dictation commands, you should use the enhanced dictation function.

This works on any Mac that supports improved dictation, regardless of the version of system software in use or is labeled as Mac OS X or MacOS.

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