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Thursday, 3 November 2016

How to retrieve information from iCloud

Many people have suffered data loss on their iOS devices, including those housed inside iCloud. If this is your case, do not worry, Apple has given different methods for easy retrieval. So if you want to re-take photos, documents, videos and any files in the cloud again, follow this tutorial.

Notably deleted from your iCloud account files remain in an automatic backup for a limited period. This is no more than 30 days, which if not recovered, will be completely eliminated.

Finally, it is also important to know that what you recover, will replace your local content; that is, look very well the file date in the cloud. You could make the medicine is worse than the disease.

Recover deleted files from your iCloud account

Now, the steps you need to perform are shown below:

  1.     Open your favorite browser and go to com
  2.     Insert your username and password to login
  3.     Click on the "Settings" section
  4.     Now locate the option that says "Recover Files" with blue letters and press it
  5.     Now it will show a list of files that have been deleted within the period specified, select which of them will recover
  6.     P or last click "Restore" 

That's all, now all your local files will be replaced by their versions found in iCloud, or failing that, will be available having been deleted.

Recover deleted contacts iCloud

To retrieve all your contacts that you have deleted by mistake or simply lost, the steps are very similar. Below they are described here each:

  1.     Enter from your browser
  2.     Enter your details to login
  3.     Click on the "Settings"
  4.     Locate the "Retrieve contacts" option with blue letters and click on it
  5.     It will show the list of available contacts, select the ones you want to recover
  6.     Click the "Recover" button. 

With this you'll never have all your contacts including those who only have email account. Remember that the period of validity of these files in the cloud is one month, and you should always be aware of what you remove.

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