How to see the progress of downloading an app on Mac

You may sometimes be interested in knowing the status of downloading an application from the Mac App Store, but without reviewing it through the store. To make the process more practical, you just have to go to the Launchpad in the Dock Mac OS X, you do not even need to have the App Store open to see the progress of apps that are downloaded at that time.

This is a super simple trick, and as you have Launchpad in the Mac OS Dock you will be able to verify any active download that is made from the App Store quickly.

How to see the progress of downloading an app on Mac

All you need to do is have an active download from the Mac App Store, then hover over the Launchpad icon on the Dock. You will instantly see the "download - GB (current) GB (Total)" (or MB) to indicate progress.

If you do not have Launchpad in the Dock, you can still control the download by opening the Launchpad through a key combination, and then find the application that is being downloaded in Launchpad, which also shows the current download progress as follows:

This method of Launchpad to see the progress of the download only works for applications that are downloaded from the Mac App Store, while users can view downloaded from the web and elsewhere through the folder icon download files In the Dock.

And that's all Do you know any other way to see the status of the downloads on Mac? Please tell us in the comments section.
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