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Thursday, 10 November 2016

How to send animated GIFs by WhatsApp from iPhone

After announcing for months, WhatsApp finally updated to allow sending and receiving GIFs, and these will be visible without leaving the conversation. In addition, we will be able to search the library Giphy to send animations that we like and that best fit the theme of the conversation.

At this point, many users may want to use this new feature, or want to know the steps to use it. To do this, you must meet certain requirements.

Steps to send GIFs from the reel

1) To begin, it is necessary that the application is updated to version 2.16.15, since this function is enabled in this version.

2) Once you've updated the application, you have to open the conversation and press the icon to send a multimedia file. Immediately, the reel will be opened, and you can select the GIF you want.

3) Or, on the contrary, you want to make a GIF from a video that you may have recorded, also can. You must simply give the button at the top right of the video, and you will be choose only the length of the GIF.

For the most imaginative, you can also add all kinds of emoticons.

Integration with Live Photos

The update also brings new features for users of iOS, since makes WhatsApp supports Live Photos of the latest iPhone. . To do this , simply use the 3D Touch on the image, and then choose the "Select option as GIF ".

If you want the latest information regarding updates are concerned about this application, you just have to enter the beta program. It can be accessed from App Store, or from the link to the official website of the application, which installs version, which is already implemented the function of sending GIFs, as it is higher.

And you, what do you think the new feature of WhatsApp?

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