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Saturday, 5 November 2016

How to send iMessage and SMS from the web and email

Mac users can initiate and iOS iMessage conversations and send text messages from the web, email or anywhere else where you can click a link, using a custom URL to start the messages application. Using this, you can start an iMessage chat with any other user of iMessage or SMS through the messages application.

The secret to start a conversation from a link iMessage is to structure the URL correctly. Those who are familiar with HTML will understand quickly, because simply an anchor tag is used with reference application protocol iMessage instead of http or ftp.

Using a URL to send an iMessage

Now, we'll show how these links may appear iMessage, you can specify an email address, a phone number or Apple ID as the destination. For example:

  •   iMessage: [email protected] 
  •  iMessage: // targetAppleID
  •  iMessage: // PhoneNumber 

Therefore, the structure the URL for iMessage (or send text message from the application of iMessage) is as follows:

send an iMessage ta this number
This little trick is very useful when you want to send a direct communication link via e-mail, since it is just a regular link but what it does is what differentiates because clicking on it are the messages app opens .

And ready, that's all, now you know how to use a URL to send messages.

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