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Thursday, 3 November 2016

How to set an image as home page Safari on Mac

The default browser on Mac (Safari) allows you to customize it to taste, so much so that you can set a home page that is loaded each time the application is opened. Many people think that this function is limited to only websites, but this is not the case at all. For this reason, we'll show you a brief tutorial, so you know how to set an image file as your home page in Safari.

If you like to give a different touch to your web browser, change the background of the home screen can be a good place to start.
How to set an image as Safari home page

Follow these steps:

  •     Open the Safari browser on your Mac.
  •     Go to Safari -> Preferences from the menu bar. 

When you open the preferences window, delete the text of paragraph to set the home page

Choose an image file on your Mac and drag it into the text field of the home page

Now, corresponding to the main field should display the path of the image that crawled to the window.

  • Safari salt.
  • Open Safari and now again to display the image file as your homepage.

That's it, now you have your image as background in Safari browser.

To set an image as your homepage, rather than a search engine or a favorite web page, your browser will get a distinctive touch through one of your best photos or umagen a simple background.

You might think that hampers your ability to search the Web because you now have to manually load Google (or another search engine), but this is not the case because you can still use the search field located in the navigation bar to search something on the internet.

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