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Friday, 18 November 2016

How to Turn Off the Shake to Undo Function

Currently, iOS is packed with features designed to make us more comfortable life in all aspects. Since the ability to control our own home remotely , even something as simple as allowing the imam of a cover automatically lock our iPad.

However, some of them cross the limit of the usefulness to certain moments become a nuisance. And is that who has not bumped suddenly with a window that suggests to undo for example a text that we just wrote?

The Shake to Undo function, how can we get rid of it?

It is really annoying that, at a time of maximum concentration, you move a moment, and suddenly that window appears suggesting you some quick actions you can perform. So today we will teach you how to turn it off once and for all, lest you may have to see it again on your screens.

First, go to the Settings app; there, you must go to the Accessibility section, located within the General menu. From there, you just have to go down a little in the list to find the look of Shake to Undo, where you'll find a switch that lets you forget the trouble forever (or at least until you need it ).

Functions like this, are they really useful?

In some cases, I can fathom that functions as we have seen today will be useful, but I'm not sure that something needed. We have only Shake to Undo, but we can also use new keyboard shortcuts, arriving how one of the new IOS 10 , to run the same commands.

We are reaching a point where there are too many different actions to perform the same function, something that only makes a system complex, and ineffective. Not only do you need to know that this function exists, you must also choose the fastest way to reach it, instead of following a single path. What I wonder is, is it really necessary?

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