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Monday, 7 November 2016

If not Vibra Watch with calls, here you have the solution

When the Apple Watch notifies a phone call or a text message does not vibrate? This is because the settings of your smartwatch is not as it should, but is easily solved and now CP you going to explain what is.

If the vibration and sound of your Apple Watch are completely off, when you receive a call from a friend at the clock shows you the call. However, unless at the time the screen look you will not notice the notification, as the watch will not vibrate on your wrist or issue any sound.

This is because at some point you have configured something incorrectly in the Settings app on the Apple Watch, disabling notifications altogether. Although it may also be possible to simply have never activated the vibration of your smartwatch.

Active vibration and sound notifications on your Apple Watch

To turn the vibration on phone calls and messages on the Apple Watch have to follow the following steps:

  • On your iPhone go to the application of the Watch.
  • Go to the tab My watch and there enters phone. Click Customize.
  • Sounds and Vibrations adjusts the level of sound and special vibration. You can also adjust the intensity with which you want the Apple Watch vibrate when you receive a call or message.

The special vibration allows the Apple Watch send a notification in the form of vibration to the user some common notices, such as phone calls that touch your iPhone or messages, among other things. The truth is that it is very useful, because you can know quickly if you are calling and who does it, and decide if you want to catch or not.

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