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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

If you are Blogger, these are the 5 Best Apps for you

We all like to share our knowledge with people, and nowadays we have available a medium as important as the internet. No lie that blogs are hot, and if you are someone who likes to write and publish, here we will leave the five best apps for you.

If you want to be aware of your blog wherever you are, these apps are indicated.


This is probably the best known of the whole list, and no wonder . The official WordPress application gives us almost total control of our website and allows us to write, publish or modify our texts at the time we want.


This is another great known. With Tumblr you can follow Many different blogs that hang out or learn new things. The application is more aimed at a teenage audience, but hey !, Internet age is not a limit.


One of the most important things when you are a blogger is to keep your schedule totally tidy. With Evernote you can do this and more. The application gives us the possibility to create lists, events and reminders so you never forget what you had to publish.

Furthermore, it is a great tool for when you get a magical idea and you're not home to write.


This may be one of the applications most used by big blogs, and it's no wonder. With Trello you can order effectively all publications to which you can also add expiration dates.

If your site is composed of several writers, this is the application you need to download if you want to maintain order.


Among the mandatory tasks of a blogger is seeking content. With Feedly will keep you abreast of what they publish other related to yours without having to visit them one by one blogs, so if you need information urgently, you can find a great Variety with this application.

Maybe some of you already knew them, and some may not. However, with these applications you'll be a little more informed about what happens in the world and write anytime and anywhere to your news out before any other.

Did you like the applications? What else do you recommend? Leave us your answer in the comments.

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