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Friday, 25 November 2016

Incorporate your notifications in iOS10 style with Notifications10 (jailbreak)

We present a new jailbreak tweak called Notifications10 that gives the appearance of iOS 10 notifications on your jailbroken iPhone.

Notifications10, implements the style of iOS 10 notifications and banners that are on your iPhone jailbroken with iOS in September.

When you install the tweak, you'll notice that banners acquire a new style with rounded edges and banners with colors more remarkable in any iOS. This includes the lock screen, notification center, and even when a banner notification appears while you are on the home screen or in an application.

As shown above, you can scroll right in a notification and you'll have the same options you would see on an iOS 10 device, including the "Clear" button to discard the notification and a button to respond when needed. It is clear that the same visual effects also apply to your Notification Center widgets:

As you can see in the picture above, the title bars have more vivid colors and all widgets have rounded edges, as happens in iOS 10.

Notifications10 works immediately after installing it. The tweak has no options to configure. In a good tweak that emulates the appearance of iOS 10 notifications on jailbroken devices in a decent way.

Since the tweak is made for larger screens, we do not recommend it on the iPhone 5, 5s or SE. Notifications10 is designed for the iPhone 6/6 Plus and newer models. If you install the tweak on a device with a smaller screen it will not look so nice.

If you are interested in trying this tweak, you can download it from the BigBoss Cydia repository for only $ 0.99. You need to have iOS 9 installed to download and install the tweak.

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