Instagram is updated in a big way with live videos -


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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Instagram is updated in a big way with live videos

Instagram has emerged as the most popular social network among users images that already exceed 500 million assets per month and up a number of photographs and videos that reaches 95 million a day. In addition to these good figures, it has the backing of Facebook - its owner since 2012 - which makes it a weight platform able to cope with rivals as powerful as Snapchat or Twitter.

It is precisely these rivals who must now fear Instagram, because just released a major update that brings two new features for this platform. These developments represent, on the one hand, a clear face to face against Periscope - of the social network of birdies - and Snapchat. Instagram recently strengthened its Stories with links, mentions and boomerangs , but now returns to the fray. Let's see what this is about.

The two great features that come to Instagram

The first and most important of this update is something that I went along just a few days ago and now has made it official: live video arrive to Instagram. This feature has been in test mode since October, but with the new version, the quintessential social network photographic brings live broadcasts using the "Live" tab. In addition, when we began streaming transmission, Instagram notifies contacts that interact more, so do not miss our video live.

An interesting aspect is that we can see how many users are following our direct, and they can leave comments and likes real time, which gives more feedback feature. In the following video you can see the operation of the live videos that come to Instagram.

The other new addition to the staff of this network is the ability to send photos and videos to individual users. This was only available if we did it in a public story, and it stayed for 24 hours. But now we can share content from the "Instagram Stories" tab. One aspect to note is that the images and videos that can be viewed only send only once, ie, that have expiration As with Snapchat.

With these two features, Instagram throws down the gauntlet to Periscope with live video and Snapchat with limiting the display of content sent privately. Again, Facebook makes you I borrowed the strengths of their rivals. But what really matters is whether they work in Instagram well and have well received by its large user community. What do you think this update of Instagram?

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