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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Instagram is updated with live videos and expired messages

Instagram has announced two new features for its popular application. Two features stand out: The live video and live with Instagram Stories and photos and videos for groups and friends with Instagram Direct.

Previously, Instagram had already included its application the live streaming videos, with a limited time. That is, the user could perform live recordings and share through its platform; however, once these videos are viewed by the followers, they will disappear from the new Instagram Stories section within the application.

It should be noted that once the live video streaming is started, the platform also allows users to access the streaming, also allows them to send "likes" or comments in real time, and during the video broadcast.

How to make live videos on Instagram?

  • To start a live video, you only need to access your account within the application.
  • Once inside the platform, you should slide your finger to the right side of your screen.
  • Then the application camera opens.
  • To start the live video, you need only press the button "Start live video". You can share for up to an hour.
  • Once the video has been posted to your friends and followers, they will receive a notification. Notice that allow them to see your videos, within Instagram Stories section.

As already indicated, all your fans can post a comment during playback of your video, when this ends, the video automatically disappear from Instagram Stories line.

Instagram Direct

  • Instagram has just added this new feature, whose main function is to share videos and photos through messages, with expiration time.
  • This means that you can now send photos and videos directly to a group, or friends individually.
  • To do so, you must access the message section, which now has a new icon in the form of "paper airplane", inserted in the upper right corner of the application.

  • Enter the camera placed at the top and left of the application.
  • Then make a photo or video to send it.
  • Then touch the arrow to send it to a friend individually and in private. Or you can choose a group or create one, in just a few steps.
  • Unlike other messages through Instagram Direct, these photos and videos disappear from the message box of your friends, once they have seen it.

The new feature will let you see if your friends played or took a screenshot, photo or video sharing.

Instagram adopts a format similar to Snapchat

It is known that the arrival of live videos, with messages, filters and emoji are revolutionizing social networks. And increasingly, it is growing more and more, the handling of live videos, by millions of young users and teenagers in the world.

That is why Instagram has also chosen to join to this new fashion custom videos and live. Competing directly with the most popular application today: Snapchat.

The arrival of this new feature to Instagram, responds to the growing use of live video, by younger users. Advantage Instagram has managed very well, because the application currently has the number of users, mostly accounts.

This phenomenon has also been observed through Facebook with the launch of Facebook Live, feature that allows live video broadcast. And that has managed to have an impressive arrival, within the hundreds of users around the world.

Now we can only see and hope, as these three great social networks compete, and stand out within the preference of its users.

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