Instagram premieres the live videos, we show you how they work -


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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Instagram premieres the live videos, we show you how they work

The videos are the future of social networks, as Mark Zuckerberg predicted a few months ago and we are seeing how we are going in that direction. Yesterday Instagram released an update with two great innovations for the platform: first live video style Periscope, the Twitter tool that has been made in its short existence very popular, and secondly sending photos and videos to a single user, similar to Snapchat expiration.

Sure that you have the updated application have already received a horde of notifications Instagram, as a warning because a contact is broadcasting a live video. You may have tired of the news before trying them out, or you may want to see how they work. In any case I recommend you to take a look at the video of fellow Urban Techno where they explain how to make new streaming and the next review of the changes it brings this latest version. Because we are facing a turning point in this photographic social network, which is owned by Facebook since 2012.

Instagram is updated live and direct, what has changed?

The first thing you notice after upgrading is a small renovation in the design of Instagram. When you start the application we can see a cosmetic change in the button for direct messages, which has now been transformed into a paper airplane, which inevitably reminds Telegram. Another change that is noticeable at first glance is that Instagram Stories button is now located to the left, leaving the center the logo, which appears to be the highlight underlined.

Live videos are the big news in this update, which arrives with the name "Instagram Live" and allows users to stream streaming while viewers can leave comments and likes real time. In addition, the sender can check how many people are watching your live video. This new feature works smoothly and without problems, but we must bear in mind that it is a devourer of data, so it is advisable to connect to a Wi-Fi network to avoid trouble with the rates.

The other novelty is a feature that focuses on private messages. Now you can send a photo or video to an individual user, but it can see the content once. That is, they are messages with expiration, because when reproduced they self-destruct in the Snapchat style. In addition, if the receiver makes a screenshot of the message we will have the possibility to know it. It is certainly a feature to add more privacy to Instagram. What do you think the news of this popular social network?

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