Intel reveals technical data of the iMac or Mac Pro 2017 -


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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Intel reveals technical data of the iMac or Mac Pro 2017

A document briefly available on the Intel website aimed at system manufacturers like Apple, has shed some light on new processors Kaby Lake suitable for desktop computers that could be used in a new iMac or Mac Pro, but still no sign of quad-core processors Kaby Lake.

Documents for partner companies show 11 quad-core processors are expected to be manufactured in the first quarter of 2017. Included in the line Core i5 seven models three Core i7 processors and Xeon E3 v6 single chip.

The chips are faster than current processors Skylake. The speed "turbo" not known at this time, nor the profile thermal design, but is not expected to change much, given that the new processor line is made with the same 14nm process as the Skylake family.

Currently, the Retina iMac line, last updated on October 13, 2015, includes i7-5775R i5-5675R or processors in the model 21.5-inch low-end, and the i5-650 chips, i5 -6600 or i7 - 6700 K in the 27-inch model.
The chips default new family Kaby Lake for the iMac would be the i5-7500, i5-7600 and the i7 - 7700K, respectively.

The new processor is a processor i5-7500 quad - core 3.4GHz, compared to 3.2GHz in the Skylake version. Similarly, the i5-7600 3.5 GHz should run 200 MHz faster than the processor i5-6600 Skylake de3,3 GHz.

The i7 - 7700K is a quad-core chip, 8 threads, running at 4.2 GHz compared to 4.0 GHz i7 processor Skylake - 6700K in the iMac.

family of processors Lake Kaby also added the Speed ​​Shift v2 Intel technology, which reduces the amount of time required to accelerate the chip in 10ms.

The new processor E3-1205 v6 is a 3.0GHz processor, but beyond that, the number of cores and threads is not known at this time. Intel currently has no Xeon processors in the Kaby Lake "v6" family.

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