IOS 10.1.1 is causing a very serious bug in the iPhone battery -


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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

IOS 10.1.1 is causing a very serious bug in the iPhone battery

The latest version of Apple 's mobile operating system, iOS 10.1.1 describes the update with "bug fixes and stability improvements." But many users also claim that it brings a new bug related to the battery ...

As we report from Mashable update 10.1.1 iOS is giving many problems with the battery percentage iPhone.

In fact, in the discussion forums of Apple are beginning to appear messages from users indicating that the autonomy of their iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S does not reach a day without loading. Relatively common, but many others claim that their iPhone is off having between 30% and 50% battery.

This new battery bug iPhone comes just a week after Apple agreed to replace the batteries of a small number of devices iPhone 6s that were having problems.

Some users believe that the iOS 10.1.1 (14B150) version solves the problem. Others say no. Currently the Beta Software Program is offering iOS 10.2.

"I do not recommend returning to iOS 10.1. My iPhone battery lasts 3 hours. Instead of turning 70% off now it shuts off at 85% and stays off for 10 minutes before you can use it again. "

There are many reasons why an iPhone battery can begin to give these kinds of problems. For example, overheating can cause a great impact on the autonomy of the device, and in performance.

"I've seen my iPhone 6 down from 60% to 0%, even on iOS 10. After putting it to charge it has jumped again to 60%."

There are some very useful tips to make the relationship between the percentage of the battery and its real autonomy more proportional. For example it is advisable to discharge the battery once a month, and charge the device up to 75% instead of 100%.

By all it knows that iOS 10 is drastically reducing the battery life of the iPhone and iPad, especially on older devices. But this bug goes much further, and can give more of a chagrin. Without going any further, and this is totally true, last night the percentage of my iPad's battery jumped from 10% to 5%. Has anything like this ever happened to you?

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