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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

IOS security always above Android

It is no news that iOS has always been above Android for security is concerned. It may be because it is a closed system, or because Apple has become serious about creating a safe operating system for its users. Although it may sound strange, encryption that came with iOS 4 is higher than we find today in Android 7.0, which clearly suggests that Google should take more seriously the issue of security of your OS

Since Android Lollipop we can find data encryption on the operating system of Google, but not good enough to be considered safe.

Higher iOS Data Encryption

The encryption system Android and iOS are based on the same model, which was originally released for computers. However, although both share origin, each one manages the stored information in a different way.

Apple has done a great job developing the way this cipher works. While Android passwords are stored in RAM until the phone is restarted-which does not happen very often-in the Apple system what happens is that our key is removed from the device when it blocked, which Lowers vulnerability to external attacks.

So far it is clear that Apple uses a more intelligent system that encrypts data individually, helping each developer to decide how to encrypt your application.

Can iOS be more vulnerable to information theft?

If a hacker wants to find the password of our mobile or steal any data in it, it will get. Of course, depending on the operating system used by the victim, it may be more or less easy for him.

As we saw earlier, Android has a less secure system a priori that used by iOS. However, can iOS be more vulnerable to data theft than the Google system?

The answer is no. If the hacker wants to get some kind of information may do so although Android before will have to be rooted the mobile- only needs the terminal is turned on to remove any data without a password. In iOS however, you will have to be on the device and also unlocked by the user.

No doubt the iOS is a more mature Android in the field of security operating system. There are many complaints about the little personalization that there is and the few modifications that can be made to the system of the device, but this can prove to be a benefit when we talk about the security of the average user.

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