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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

iPhone 7 or Intel Qualcomm modem, what is better?

The latest models to join the catalog of Apple phones have come in two versions as usual, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus , but also there are two options for the modem up.

One of the iPhone 7 has a modem signed by Intel, specifically the GSM / WCDMA / LTE model. The other version has the seal of Qualcomm, GSM / CDMA / WCDMA / TC-SCDMA / LTE model.

This is two giants of the sector, but there are obviously some differences in performance. From Cellular Insights report that the model outperforms the iPhone 7 integrates Qualcomm modem MDM9645M, which are sold freely or American operators through Verizon or Sprint stores.

The report yields better results for the model Qualcomm compared to Intel, starting with the LTE performance. In this regard, the iPhone 7 Plus showed different responses depending on whether they had a Qualcomm or Intel modem.

Specifically, LTE band 12 (10 MHz), has a different performance: in the case of Intel, experiences a sudden drop in the time band power is reduced. La 12 LTE is the low frequency, which passes through walls when high frequency do not, so it is most often used in interior band.

Cellular Insights team also tested with the bands 4 of 20 MHz and 20 MHz 7 (in 4 x 2 MIMO). The results were similar with these two bands, quite similiar to the modem Qualcomm and Intel.

But also they studied other aspects, such as Ultra HD Voice. The iPhone 7 Qualcomm modem are not able to disable it . This is somewhat curious because the models of this manufacturer are known for having a good performance with Ultra HD Voice.

In any case, these results are relevant to this study, which was conducted in a controlled environment, and experience differ from normal use that can make a standard user.

Notably iPhone models 7 Qualcomm modem are only available in the markets of Japan, US and China. Models sold in Spain and Latin America are those that integrate Intel modem, it seems that Apple considers presenting a more than satisfactory performance. What do you think?

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