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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

IPhone 7 Plus might not be doing Good Photos After All

In the network they have been circulating many complaints about the recent malfunction iPhone camera 7. Users have been noticing that you get a photo taken watercolor - like effect after being processed by the device.

An isolated problem

Complaints have been spotted on the official Apple support page from near the submission of the last MacBook Pro that has brought the company to market time. The owners of the iPhone 7 Plus have noticed a blurring effect in photos taken by the terminal, which means a significant loss of quality in them.

Thanks to the data obtained by AppleInsider we know that the problem is quite rare and isolated. So far they have been reported around 1004 cases around the globe since the official launch of the device. Most of these problems were actually the screen, only 8 of them being real problems with the device camera.

Solutions on the fly

Among the solutions circulating in the network we can find a very popular among users. These ensure that disabling function "Optimize Storage" the problem was solved. However, there are others who despite suffering from this problem, can take pictures in RAW format file with Lightroom without setbacks.

Although the source of the problem has not been discovered, some users suggest that this may be a fault in the optical stabilization mechanism, while on the other hand believe it could be just a software problem.

Apple has been releasing a lot of updates in recent days and, if this be a software problem, we hope it is solved as soon as possible with any of the versions that have been brought to light.

Have you seen this problem on your iPhone 7 Plus? Leave your answer in the comments!

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