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Monday, 28 November 2016

IPhone, iPad and now MacBook, Apple disconnects from the world

One thing is undeniable: Apple is the technology company more market risk. Who else thinks of making a smartphone with no more control than a single button? Why are the iPhone the only smartphone on the market whose charge is not produced through a mini-USB? And a trackpad whose performance is based digital gestures? Anyway, usually just play well coming out, making a sign of minimalism own identity. But these eccentricities, these outlets pot that no one expects, like removing the 3.5 mm jack connection iPhone 7 will worth much criticism. Does Apple really think about the needs of its users or does it want to be the one that sets the times and trends?

The iPhone case 7 itself has raised hackles, especially if you are an audiophile you have invested in good headphones with cable. Apple forces you to switch to wireless headsets or use an adapter, which Cupertino by the way do not sell, so we can rule out that they do to pull slice of the adapters. In this case, the reasons point to the differentiation from competition, innovation leading technology being used 100 years and thus able to make a waterproof iPhone . And by the way, launch the AirPods.

The new MacBook Pro presented less than a month ago have not been left behind. On the MacBook Air we understood the absence of a CD / DVD reader or the wired connection to the router due to its ultraportable nature, although many of us would have done well in more than one occasion to count on them. But the new MacBook Pro are equipped only with Thunderbolt and USB ports. There is no SD card slot or HDMI connection anymore. And a priori, it is not a matter of size. So why has Apple dispensed with such useful ports?

The MacBook Pro make up less "portable" range of Apple, more powerful and heavier than the Air, are the tool of daily work for many professionals - Apple is the brand quintessential professional graphic designers, photographers, artists, designers, Audiovisual area in general, as well as numerous developers and specialists - who although they move it quite frequently, usually work with him for long days in one place.

No means the absence of these two slots. Yes, we know that there are many adapters to solve this problem but let's face it: it is disgusting to have to carry your computer in the bag with various gadgets to connect the MacBook with your camera, with a larger screen to work at ease, Or with a projector. The MacBook Pro are spectacular, as are the iPhone 7, but have a price high enough to also have to add the many adapters you need to work. And the HDMI connection is not an old technology precisely.

Numerous users have praised the new MacBook Pro with its magnificent screen and Touch Bar, but many of them have complained precisely because it is hard work to do so. What was Apple thinking about when he decided to eliminate these ports?

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