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Saturday, 12 November 2016

IPhone SE vs iPhone 7: What are the Differences?

As well we overtook a couple of days ago iPhone in July is having a great demand in the market. In fact it is still the best selling smartphone and the one that most benefits provided during this last quarter.

However, when choosing a new smartphone of Apple is important to consider another model that continues to thrive in terms of sales: the iPhone SE .

But ... How to decide between the two models? What are the main differences between the iPhone and the iPhone 7? The answers may surprise you ...


Undoubtedly one of the reasons why many consumers have opted for the iPhone SE is due to its affordable price. Recall that this special edition is the cheapest smartphone in the history of Apple.

We are obviously before a mid - range smartphone, the 16GB model costs € 489 while the 64GB model costs € 549. Meanwhile, the iPhone 7 is available for 769 €, 879 € and 989 € depending on the model and storage capacity.


Apple surprised everyone by relaunching a smartphone 4 inches for iPhone SE. Yes, it is a phone much smaller than the iPhone 7, but this also gives you an advantage: it is very comfortable to use with one hand.

Moreover, obviously the iPhone 7 and its 4.7 - inch screen offers a better viewing experience and use. In addition, the iPhone screen 7 is brighter than the iPhone SE and has the best color accuracy market.

The design of both devices is completely different. IPhone 7 features a redesigned antenna bands with a thin line at the top and bottom. For its part, the iPhone SE has two wider antenna bands in the back.

The iPhone has a 3.5 mm jack. For EarPods, and this is important because Apple removed the jack on the iPhone 7 forcing users to use the Lightning EarPods or new AirPods.

Finally, the edges of the iPhone 7 are rounded, and those of the iPhone SE are straight. It depends on the tastes of each, but in theory the iPhone 7 should offer greater comfort in the grip.


The iPhone has a A9 Dual-Core processor 1.84 GHz while the new iPhone 7 has a quad-core A10 processor Fusion. But interestingly both smartphones have 2 GB of RAM. The differences are minimal, but obviously the iPhone 7 is more powerful.


The iPhone SE incorporated a 12MP iSight camera and a 1.2MP FaceTime HD camera. IPhone 7 has an iSight camera of 12 MP and a FaceTime HD camera 7 MP. The only difference is the front camera, but otherwise both smartphones have almost the same specifications except recording to 1080 pixels, optical stabilization Image and flash of 4 LEDs of iPhone 7.

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