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Saturday, 19 November 2016

IPhone X, so it could be called the iPhone 8

Last year will be ten years since Apple popularized the smartphone among the general public. The original iPhone came on the market in 2007 and next year, after an iPhone 7 somewhat disappointing in terms of design, it seems that Apple wants to give it everything. Of course it would be the right moment. But, what will be called the new iPhone 2017? What if we tell you it could be iPhone X?

Following the logic of Apple regarding the nomenclature followed in their iPhone since the emergence of their smartphone 10 years ago, as we say, the iPhone 2017 should be called iPhone 7S. However, the Apple terminals that carry the S in their name are usually very similar to the immediately previous version and usually have small variations in the design.

This year with the iPhone 7 that, as we say, has disappointed in design as being too continuist with respect to the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 was expected, we have been waiting for a big leap in terms of design. That is why many analysts think that the real design change and, why not, name will occur next year. If we consider that ten years, or what is the same, the tenth anniversary of the presentation of the first iPhone, would not it be a good idea to call it iPhone X?


We must not forget that Apple has already used the X to name some of its products. We remember with affection of OS X that still continues having that name. By this it seems that Apple could think of the iPhone X for next year.

As I write this article I can think of another more crazy idea yet. Cone Windows 10 we have seen that, with more or less success, Microsoft has wanted to join the mobile world with the PC world and the tablet world. Would it be too far-fetched to think that the iPhone X would leave iOS 10 and could adopt OS X? Can you imagine an iPhone X that will use OS X? Could certainly be that momentum that we have been asking Apple for a long time and that could suppose that similar blow that the iPhone supposed 10 years ago. Do not hesitate to keep an eye on iPhone with OLED

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