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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Is iOS 10 Apple's Mobile Operating System with More Errors?

Apple is working hard on the next update to fix the many bugs that have iOS 10.

The Cupertino company has launched the beta of IOS 10.2 in presenting very interesting news and hopefully also provide corrections of the most common bugs.

The list of setbacks in iOS 10 is very long: connectivity problems Wi-Fi and 3G, reducing battery life , lock the screen rotation, system slowdowns, data erasure Health (IOS 10.1) , incompatibility with third - party applications (WhatsApp), stopping downloads in the App Store updates, bug in EarPods Lightning ...

After numerous complaints from users of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, the Cupertino company introduced iOS 10.1.1 hoping that the thing will calm down. Nothing further from reality, the new version still contains many errors.

To the long list previously mentioned other hardware problems add to the Home button and Touch ID functionality. Usually this type of bugs are solved after a forced restart of the device, but other problems do not have an easy solution ...

The question we launched our readers today is: Is 10 iOS version of Apple 's mobile operating system with more bugs, errors and problems in our view, and far, yes. However it is important to note that we have not encountered too serious bugs, but our readers.

Although the answer should differ between each of the users, since each has a different device and model. Some old iPhone / iPad, obviously (though not necessarily), present more problems in the software than the latest devices. This is because iOS is increasingly powerful and increasingly has more features. It is also specially designed for the iPad Pro and iPhone 7.

What do you think? Do you have too many iOS 10 bugs? Participate in the comments section.

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